About Us

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us! We are a student-run 501c(3) non-profit organization, the Growing Smiles Foundation.

Our organization was founded by Dr. Bari Levine, MPH while she was a student at Temple University (Class of 2016).


Dr. Bari Levine's family of dentists, pediatric dentists Dr. Sheryl Radin and Dr. Ross Levine (Growing Smiles in Floral Vale) and periodontist, Dr. Robert Levine (PA Center for Dental Implants and Periodontics) have helped shape the successful Growing Smiles program and are key mentors for the Temple Dental students

Our story began in August 2013, where we designed and implemented a brief oral health intervention for the children at La Sagrada Familia orphanage outside of Lima, Peru. This public health intervention is the foundation of our program.

In June 2014: 
Our group provided over $35,000 in free dental care and oral health education to over 150 orphans and supervising adults at the orphanage.

In July 2015: 
We returned to the orphanage and in five days we provided over $130,000 in comprehensive dental services. In addition, we partnered with a local dental school in Lima, the University of Peruvian Sciences (UPC).

In August 2016: 
Our dental team visited a new location, Jose Maria Arguedas Elementary School in Chorrillos, Peru and provided over $140,000 in free, comprehensive dental services with the help of UPC. Children from the school can receive follow-up preventive dental treatment from dental students at UPC, making our annual outreach program sustainable.

In August 2017:
This was our most successful year yet! We provided over $160,000 in free, comprehensive dental services hand in hand with UPC. We saw over 250 children and we are currently planning our return trip.

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